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Mill City School's Fish Fence

Community Arts

Painting by Denise Sanders

Santiam Hearts to Arts is and has always been rooted in the Santiam Canyon community. Our programs and activities are aimed at a wide range of participants, from young to old and individuals to families. We have featured art, music and dance in a variety of settings and continue to seek input from our community members on future programming and projects.

Among the most popular events have been the CanyonArts festivals; the Spring Awakening variety shows; the Lil’ Opry in the Canyon performances; the ABBA/Queen concert; the annual Acoustic in the Mountains concert and art show; and the Holiday performances by the Santiam Canyon Community Chorus. Santiam Hearts to Arts has also sponsored many arts-related classes for people of all ages (dance, clowning, drawing, etc.) and will continue to expand those offerings in our location on the Santiam Highway in Mill City.

Santiam Hearts to Arts’ Board of Directors holds an annual meeting each November where the public is welcomed and encouraged to provide feedback on events and programs they would like to see us take on. We also provide ongoing opportunities throughout the year to engage with the members of our community and seek their input on what should be continued and added to the Community Arts programming.

Community Art Showcase

Historical Flyers

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