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Mission & Values

Since its establishment, Santiam Hearts to Arts has been governed by a board of directors, all working on a volunteer basis, receiving no compensation for their services. Santiam Hearts to Arts is a non-membership corporation, developed in the light of the following guiding principles:


It is our mission:
“To preserve, present and promote the fine and performing arts in the Santiam Canyon.  We accomplish this by educating, informing and involving our diverse community”.


Further, we feel it is our responsibility to promote visibility and raise funds for cultural arts activity and appreciation through diligent and innovative solicitation to attract public and private support in achieving our goals.


We are committed to becoming a powerful new spotlight in arts education and awareness. We are dedicated to the welfare of our community members through programs that clarify the historical and technical aspects of the arts, and provide venues for engaging arts related social interaction. We are confident that this will help people understand the merit of cultural activity and encourage them to promote this value to future generations.

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