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Renate Medley, Co-founder of Santiam Hearts to Arts "Pony Up for the Arts" fundraiser

Fundraisers, Events and Community Concerts:


Fundraising is extremely important to SH2A.  We support the Santiam Canyon Community Chorus paying the music director, accompanist and purchasing music.  We support our local schools by helping fund the Missoula Children’s Theater  and providing funds for music supplies that are needed.  We support art classes and provide a place for artists to show their craft to the public.  We will work diligently to continue funding these projects and as many more as possible.  Music and Art is such an important component in our communities SH2A will reach out to anyone of any age who wants to participate in the arts.

In addition to grants, generous sponsors and donations have also helped sustain SH2A and KYAC Community Radio. We are very grateful for their support.

SH2A Grants - updated November 7, 2022

SH2A Fundraisers & Community Concerts

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