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Mike Medley

Previous Director and co-founder

Mike is a co-founder of Santiam Hearts to Arts and performed in the rolls of Treasurer, Secretary and business manager. After a hiatus of a few years, he has returned and now fills the roll of Recording Secretary.


Mike has had active membership in a number of non-profit organizations ranging from the South Coast Storytellers Guild, the Linn County Cultural Coalition, the American Legion, the Santiam Canyon Chamber of Commerce and the North Santiam Canyon Economic Development Corporation


Mike has also held the position of City Councilor with the City of Mill City. He has lived in Mill City since early 2006 and is a strong supporter of our local communities.

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Renate Medley

Previous Director and co-founder

Renate is a co-founder of Santiam Hearts to Arts and takes care of the website and other tasks when needed.

Renate holds a master’s degree in English with a minor in speech communication from California State University, Long Beach. Within an extensive variety of teaching venues, she has taught classes ranging from college English to preschool drama She met her husband, Mike, as a member of South Coast Storytellers Guild in California.

After moving to Oregon in 2006, they discovered that shrinking school budgets had limited arts opportunity in area schools. Understanding the impact music, art, and drama can make on quality of life and community, they decided to open Santiam Hearts to Arts.

Renate's life has always been about the next great adventure, and her involvement in community and the arts is no exception. She is always anxious to discover what wondrous opportunity will present itself next. She and Mike enjoy travel, the arts, and outdoor activities. They have three grown children in three different states.

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