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About Us

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Santiam Hearts to Arts is a 501(c)3 non-profit that serves the Santiam Canyon and is based in Mill City, Oregon. Our mission is to preserve, present and promote the fine and performing arts in the Santiam Canyon. We accomplish this by educating, informing and involving our diverse community. We strive to enrich the lifestyle of the Santiam Canyon through the unified effort to preserve and perpetuate a diversity of cultural endeavors. 


SH2A has three main focuses:

  1. Sponsorship of KYAC 90.1FM community radio based in Mill City and serving much of the Santiam Canyon

  2. Sponsorship of Santiam Canyon Community Chorus with 25 members who live throughout the canyon promoting Peace, Harmony and Tolerance of all cultures

  3. Promoting arts, music and cultural education


With diminished funds, local schools are experiencing budgetary restraints that have made it difficult for them to provide its students with a full array of art, music and cultural learning opportunities. SH2A is striving to fill that gap through fundraising, providing a variety of classes outside the school system.  Our goal is to also provide the same cultural learning opportunities for adults.  SH2A is developing an art center based in Mill City where these classes will be held. 


Santiam Hearts to Arts was honored by the North Santiam Chamber of Commerce as 2016 NON-PROFIT OF THE YEAR.