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Denise Sanders

Graphics & Fine Arts

Denise Sanders is our visual communications/ graphic artist.  More kayaker, than yacker, you won’t hear her much, but you have seen her work that she has done for Hearts to Arts over the years.  She designed the KYAC logo, before there was a KYAC radio station.  She had seen the call letters available on a list, and wanted to play with them, so made the logo with the kayak spinning in the radio waves, hoping there would be a KYAC radio station to go with the logo.  Mill City is popular with white water kayakers, with runs beginning and ending at the Mill City Bridge.

She painted the Dare to Dream painting for Hearts to Arts in 2011, has made the posters for the KYAC concert series for 8 years, designed the Art Mart poster, and others. She is also maintaining the Hearts to Arts websites now.

She is hoping to see the fine arts grow in the canyon, and has started “Artists Connection”, a monthly meeting of artists at the community center in Mehama.


Denise Sanders
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