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Santiam Hearts to Arts Grants 



Since 2013, Santiam Hearts to Arts (SH2A) has been awarded grants that support our effort to keep arts and music in the Santiam Canyon and on the air.  We would not be able to continue KYAC Community Radio, the Santiam Canyon Community Chorus and our other programs without the support of our community and the following grants.  We thank you all for your continued support.

December 2023   Fred W. Fields Fund of Oregon Community Foundation - $3,000.00
                              Small Arts & Culture - discretionary


March 2022    Marion County:  KYAC Expansion in Santiam Area              $49,700

(This is a multi-year project to reach Detroit and other Santiam areas)


November 2021    Frontier Investment Group:  KYAC Upgrade        $5,000


November 2021    American Legion:  KYAC Equipment            $5,000


August 2021    Clark Foundation:  KYAC  Equipment/Operations        $5,000


December 2020  Pacific Power Foundation: SH2A & KYAC Operations    $5,000


September 2020  Clark Foundation:  KYAC Equipment/Operations        $5,000


August 2020   Oregon Comm. Foundation:  COVID Relief Support        $5,000


July 2020     Emmett Quady Foundation:  SH2A & KYAC Operations    $2,500


December 2019    Pacific Power Foundation:  Music for KYAC        $2,500


October 2019     Donation Frances Thomas: Stewart’s Hall Renovation    $5,000


September 2019      Don Purcell Estate:  KYAC & Music Education    $6,000


July 2019 Oregon Comm. Foundation:   Chorus Director            $1,500

Arts Programs                  2,500



December 2018    Pacific Power Foundation:

                Santiam Canyon Community Chorus        $1,500


May 2018          Linn County Cultural Coalition:

                Support Canyon arts and artisans        $1,000


May 2018 Oregon Comm. Foundation:   Chorus Director            $4,000

Arts Programs                  2,500



July 2017          Marion County Emergency Broadcasting Service:

                    New Antenna and Transmitter    $18,225

April 2017         Youth Benefit Golf Tournament:

Guitar Building class            $1,000



January 2017    Pacific Power:    Chorus Director, Art classes        $1,250

School Music/Art programs          1,250



May 2016    Doris J. Wipper Fund:       Art/Music Classes and supplies    $2,700

Music in the Park              1,500

KYAC Website                 800



April, 2016        Mill City Eagles:      General Operating            $3,000


February 2016   Pacific Power:    Chorus Director            $1,500

Music/Art supplies                 500



December 2015 Oregon Comm. Foundation:      General Operating        $   300



November 2015 Oregon Comm. Foundation:   Chorus Director        $3,500

Music and Art Education      1,250

Music and Art supplies         250



October 2015     Donation Board Member:       SH2A Website         $  800


September 2015 Donation Tom Peters:       Abba Queen donation    $   500


June 2015           Donation Jennie Jones:         Community Chorus        $5,000


January 2014      Schnitzer Foundation:      Operating Costs        $1,000


January 2014     Autzen Foundation:               Operating Costs        $7,000


December 2013 Holzman Foundation:     Operating Costs        $1,000


Fundraisers, Events and Community Concerts:


Fundraising is extremely important to SH2A.  We support the Santiam Canyon Community Chorus paying the music director, accompanist and purchasing music.  We support our local schools by helping fund the Missoula Children’s Theater  and providing funds for music supplies that are needed.  We support art classes and provide a place for artists to show their craft to the public.  We will work diligently to continue funding these projects and as many more as possible.  Music and Art is such an important component in our communities SH2A will reach out to anyone of any age who wants to participate in the arts.  In addition to grants, generous sponsors and donations have also helped sustain SH2A and KYAC Community Radio. We are very grateful for their support.


Events were suspended from March 2020 to September 2022 because of the COVID virus. In the fall of 2022 we started holding chorus and art events including a monthly community Art Mart for local artists and craft people.   


KYAC Community Radio has organized an annual acoustic music concert series from fall into the spring for many years. Each series raises $8,000 to $10,000 from ticket sales to cover concert costs with residual used for KYAC operations. This series was cancelled for fall of 2020 and 2021 and restarted in the fall of 2022 in the renovated Stewart’s Hall, home of KYAC studio.


The Santiam Community Chorus has put on public concerts every spring, fall and winter with special Christmas performances. For several years the chorus has been invited to sing in the State Capitol rotunda for a Christmas performance. After a COVID hiatus the chorus restarted activities in the fall of 2022 with rehearsals in the renovated Stewart’s Hall.


Summer 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2022:

Co-hosting with the North Santiam Chamber of Commerce, the annual River City Music and Art Jamboree, featuring local bands, the community chorus and numerous artists and other vendors. The first year this event was held over the 2017 Eclipse weekend. The event raises from $5,000 to $8,000 per year split between the two organizations.  


September 2018:

The Portland lesbian Choir presented Come Together concert featuring the Santiam Community Chorus and other music. The presentation as held at the First United Methodist Church in Stayton. The concert also was a fundraiser for SH2A.


September 2015:

The Portland Gay Men’s Chorus (PGMC) presented ABBA/Queen Concert at Stayton High School grossing over $4,000 for general operating support.


April 2015:

The Santiam Canyon Community Chorus presented Japanese Peace, Harmony and Tolerance program at Santiam School Auditorium raising $1000.00 for general operating support.


September 2014:

SH2A Presents Acoustics in the Mountain at Elkhorn Valley Bed & Breakfast grounds raising $1,000 for general operating support.


March 2014:

Santiam Canyon Community Chorus Presented Sendler Peace, Harmony and Tolerance program at Santiam School Auditorium raising over $1,000

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