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Mill City Youth

Education Partnerships

SH2A Mission Statement: 

"To preserve, present and promote the fine and performing arts in the Santiam Canyon. We accomplish this by educating, informing and involving our diverse community."

Our mission statement specifically highlights “educating our diverse community” because we value and prioritize art and music education in the Santiam Canyon.  To implement this high priority, we will strive to provide a variety of education opportunities.

In May, 2016, SH2A received a $5,000 grant from one of the Oregon Community Foundation’s many funds to provide art and music education to local youth and for a “music in the park” series.  We have the music in the park planning well under way and will occur this summer. Over the next few months, SH2A will be busy moving into our new Arts Center in Mill City and planning an art and music education program to be implemented this fall and winter.

As part of this planning, education partnerships will be formed with local artists, musicians and the Santiam School District.

Once the planning process is solidified, more information will be available.

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