Ms. Waverly was an avid crafter with a studio full of creative fun. Thanks to her family's generosity, we will be able to continue the fun right here in Mill City with the return of our Saturday morning art social this summer. 

We have spent the last two months sorting, inventorying, and boxing materials that include not only consumables like paper and paint, ink pads, and markers but also tools such as decorative art punches, paper cutters, embossing machines and accessories.

Best of all, much of the art booty is new, still in the wrapper! After sorting, we have placed materials into twenty easy to stack file boxes and a dozen smaller containers. Aside from that, the actual storage cabinets and drawers are stored at another location.

As we get closer to summer, we’ll be sending a shout out for volunteers. If you like paper crafts and are good at organizing materials, we need you. You’ll be a huge help and have a lot of fun along the way!

To start 1 sm.jpg
To start2 sm.jpg
Ribbon sm.jpg
library sm.jpg
Small punches sm.jpg
Large punches.jpg
Pens sm.jpg
Pencils sm.jpg
Paint sm.jpg
Acrylic stamps Sm.jpg
WS 3 sm.jpg
WS 1 sm.jpg
Boxes 2 sm.jpg
Boxes 1 sm.jpg

   Big Thanks to the Estate of  

Susan Waverly (of Salem)

Santiam Hearts to Arts has been Gifted with a Treasure Trove of

Art Supplies and Tools

Many Hands Make Work Fun With Friends. 

Please contact Renate Medley 909/226-4031 if you would like to help with

Saturday morning *Art Social*